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join us sunday night for a pro view of the election. we begin at 8:00 p.m. eastern time sunday night. thank for inviting us into your home. next i will be back in d.c. we will know who won the election, fair, balanced. >> this is the fox report. tonight gas rationing in parts of new jersey and the new york city mayor has changed course. the new york city marathon cancelled. plus the final jobs report before americans head to the polls. >> this morning we learned that companies hired more workers in october than at anytime in the last eight months! >> he said he was going to lower the unemployment rate. unemployment is higher today than when barack obama took office. >> just four days to go until americans cast their ballots. but will the new jobs numbers help undecided voters make up their minds? tonight yet another new story line as we near the finish line
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in the race for the white house. plus, new hope for patients as the hope for fuel begins to grow desperate. but with lines in some cases now stretching for miles, sempers and of in the storm zone are on the rise. >> no gas. they just closed. oh, my god! >> tonight new promises that help is on the way. >> but first from fox this friday night the fuel tankers carrying millions gallons of desperately needed gasoline to the heart of the hurricane zone are offshore and ready to be unloaded b. but getting the gas from ships to cars is proving to be a herculean task. people have had to wait to fill up in many times lines that stretch for miles. trying to buy fuel for vehicles
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and generators. then you have all the people to wait in line and get to the front and find the pumps have run dry. >> i have been here for three hours. >> three hours? >> three hours. >>. >> no breakfast. >> you get gas, everybody is fighting for it. some stations you get there, cars are parked waiting for the trucks to come and to fill up. it's rough. >> very rough. >> triple a reports that two-thirds of all stations in the area are shut down because they have no power or no fuel or both. but that is far from the only problem here. you see, tankers and barges usually deliver oil into new york harbor at some of the terminals you see on the map but the harbors were shut for days. and the mayor, michael bloomberg, said that's just the tip of the iceberg. >> refineries have been closed and pumping stations have had no electricity and some terminals in the region have been closed so the entire supply chain has
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been bottlenecked. >> earlier today the federal government waived a allow that prevents foreign ships from carrying fuel between u.s. ports. that should help. but the white house said there is been no decision whether to release oil from strategic reserves. johnathan hunt is live bay bridge, brooklyn tonight. if the tankers are on the way, how long until the fuel gets to the people who need? >> it's still going to be some time. whatever officials say about the help being on the way. the problem here is that new york harbor where i'm standing right now has been closed for the very good reason that they were very worried about the sort of debris that might be in the waters and might pose a threat to the shipping. but now you have the tankers that are waiting outside the harbor. first of all, you have to get the barges to them, then you have to go through the long process of pumping all the gas and oil from the tankers to the barges. then they have to get back in here to the terminals.
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but nonetheless, governor cuomo of new york said nobody panic, help is coming. listen. >> there is no reason to panic. there's no reason for anxiety. this is -- we understand why there was a shortage for very definable reasons. we also understand why it's going to be better and it's going to be better in the near future. so no panic, no afternoon i-ty. we ask for a little patience. >> better in the near future but that clearly means days rather than hours. >> on the bright side, the heart of new york city got some power back a couple hours ago. >> a couple hours the lights went on in good parts of downtown manhattan. we are across the harbor in brooklyn and you can almost hear the cheers from here when the lights came on. that will help obviously the gas situation because now more gas
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stations will have power and can turn on their pumps. not so north of the city. still no power there andoyou cannot pump gas without power to run the pumps. >> of course not. some power back on lower east side of manhattan but not the lower west side. still hundreds of thousands without power. and the new york city mayor today cancelled this sunday's world famous their none. the decision came amidst an avalanche of criticism. at first the mayor said it would lift the spirits of the storm weary. keep it mind it generates estimated millions in revenue. but it would divert list and others from the storm recovery. >> it uses some resources but not resources that can really make a difference in recovery and sha sort. it's a different group of
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people. it's a relatively small amount of the sanitation department's resources. and we have to have a city going forward. >> there was an outcry and in a statement tonight the mayor said we can't allow a controversy over an athletic amount, even one as meaningful as this to distract attention away from the critically important work that's being done to recover from the storm and get our city back on tracks. regardless, logistics would have been a complete nightmare. it wasn't clear how the runners would even get to the starting line which is on staten island. because staten island, at least a fourth, is a disaster right now. it's maybe the hardest hit area on the eastern seaboard. there are reports of folks still stranded in their homes. there's still widespread flooding. and many people feel like they have lived up to their mantra of the forgotten bureau. never has the new york city
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marathon been cancelled. what's the reaction to this news been? >> people are definitely relieved, but they are far from joyous. much of staten island is still dark. the only reason you can see things like the boat behind me that was brought inland by the title surge is because of our tv lights. the sentiment is clear, as long as there are people homeless, without electricity, people who don't have food or water, it would be, at a minimum, insensitive to have the marathon. others say it would simply take a bad situation and make it much worse. >> david lee, the bureau president, the straighten island one was screaming help us. have they gotten help? >> their voices have been heard. but there is still a feeling here that this is the forgotten bureau. i did see today, though, that fema is now on the scene. i that you fema actually visiting some of the homeowners. i also saw the red cross here
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today. a red cross truck drove down the street, blaring through a loud speaker that there was going to be the delivery of meals twice a day starting tomorrow. also i saw the nypd on patrol in this location and just a short time ago was the secretary of homeland security, janet napolitano, and she explained why getting help has taken so long. >> we have been prioritizing getting generators to places like hospitals and nursing homes where the needs are greatest. places where, for example, our first responder cars need to be able to fill up with gasoline so they need pumps there, generator pumps to pump the gasoline so the fire trucks and police cars still operate. so that has been the focus for the first couple of days. >> the situation here, though, still dire. right now the death toll just on staten island alone, 20 lives, many expect that as this recovery effort continues, the
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death toll is only going to increase. >> david lee miller with the harsh reality on staten island tonight. the storm destroyed many businesses up and down the coast and there's no telling yet how many people are out of work as a result. but the feed to released the final monthly employment report before the storm. it shows companies added more than 170,000 jobs last month, but at the same time the unemployment rate ticked up from 7.8 to 7.9%. probably the reason, according to economists, more people are entering the workforce now and trying to find a job. this comes just five days, of course, before the presidential election. reaction from the candidates coming up. first rich from the fox business network in washington d.c. is this good enough to get us back to something related to normal employment? >> it is, but it will take a while. perhaps even a decade. one said it shows progress in a strengthening economy, but it levels well short needed to stick complaint reduce the unemployment rate.
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>> good, solid growth is at least a quarter million jobs a month and even at that rate we are talking about five or six years. if you want to get back in the next presidential term in four years, you need something like 325,000 jobs a month. that's much stronger than we are getting right now. >> one obstacle preventing people from hiring is they don't know what their tax rates will be in january or how much the government will spend. all the expiring policies known as the fiscal cliff, rich. >> wall street didn't like something today. >> it was better than expected. first the stocks went higher and then they went south. they blame the costs of hurricane sandy and the dow drops 140, the s&p 13 and phase back 38. >>. >> the president and gov. romney that different reaction to the jobs numbers. we will check in with each campaign as it battles for one of the biggest swing states on the map with now four days to
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>> the finals jobs report before election day has a little something for each campaign. president obama is talk about the new jobs, but gov. romney is focusing on the americans still look for work. here you go. >> he said he was going to focus on creating jobs. instead he focused on obamacare that killed jobs. unemployment is higher today than when barack obama took office. >> today our businesses have created nearly a .5 million new jobs and we learned companies hired more workers in october than at anytime in the last eight months. >> today both candidates battling for the battleground states. we have team coverage. first let's get to ed henry who is traveling with the president. ed, ohio's unemployment rate is lower than the national average,
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and the polls indicate the president ought to be relatively happy there. >> that's right. the state unemployment right here is 7%. better than the national average. the president also believes he's gotten credit for the auto bailout. a lot of auto jobs in ohio, not just michigan. that's why he's clinging to what appears to be a slim lead. still very close. what they believe in the obama cam en, the president accused mitt romney of lying with his ad out suggesting chrysler is going to move from jeep jobs from here to china. romney is firing back saying the way the president has managed the bailout has a failure. it's exposed taxpayers to a $25 billion loss and these companies are expanding production overseas. that's from the romney camp. they believe this could be lead to jobs being shipped overseas and they believe the ad is accurate. they believe what romney is trying do is save ohio because if he can't ring ohio, they are convinced the president will be
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re-elected. >> most of the analysts agree with that. four days to go, what's the mood inside the president's campaign? >> it's interesting. he unveiled a slightly new stump speech where he was fiery, and he was defiant saying if he had a second term he's not going to give into republicans on cutting taxes for the rich, major spending reductions either. take a look how he framed it. >> i am a long ways away from giving up on this fight! i got a lot of fight left in me. i don't get tired. i don't grow weary. i hope you aren't tired either, ohio. i hope you aren't tired either. >> now, as to how the president is feeling, his top advisor, david axelrod, said he's never seen the president more exhilarated. he went on to say the stump
7:17 pm
speech we saw with the defiant tone, he said it's coming from his loins. i never heard that word described about this president. >> i hope you are wearing gym shoes because the coach will kick your butt. gov. romney is getting ready for another rally. team fox coverage continues. karl cameron is live in westchester, ohio. we just heard from the governor on the jobs report. what else did he have to say? >> on this friday, the last friday before the election, mr. romney again put sort of more refinements to his closing arguments. he started the day in wisconsin. and paul ryan, his running mate's home state, and he outlined the state as he has all week by saying it's a choice between the stagnation of the status quo owe lama economy and the bold chain he, mitt romney, argues. he argues it will take bipartisan help. and he argues that he can, and
7:18 pm
tuesday voters have to vote for change. obviously a borrowed line from the obama campaign of '08. listen. >> if you believe america should be on a better course, if you are tired of being tired, then i ask you to vote for real change. paul ryan and i will bring real change to america from day one! >> day one, bold change, and here with 96 hours before the polls actually open on tuesday, kid rock was the opening act here a little while ago. they are predicting as many as 20,000 to 30,000. that would be the biggest crowd he's gotten in the entire campaign. >> tired of being tired. it's a big sprint ahead, karl. >> it's a crazy one. thed 6 -- the 96 hours, he will have 14 or 15 events, he will be dupe lawtive events in iowa and virginia and new hampshire. it's virtually nonstop. in fact, he will are to pull
7:19 pm
from all- nighters in order to do it, in order to get back to boston election night. he will wrap it up in new hampshire, the place he started and the 96-hour sprint kicking off request a crowd this big, the romney campaign has to like what they are seeing tonight. >> carl, thanks. much more on politics ahead and more storm coverage. plus we learned after seven weeks on the attack in libya, fbi will question one suspect not the assault. but a couple of senators are demanding much more. we are live at the white house. that's next. looking for a better place to put your cash? here's one you may not have thought of -- fidelity. now you don't have to go to a bank to get the things you want from a bank, like no-fee atms, all over the world. free checkwriting and mobile deposits. now depositing a check is as easy as taking a picture. free online bill payments. a highly acclaimed credit card
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>> the fbi will get to question the suspect on that attack on the american consulate in benghazi, libya. that's the word from two senators who have been demanding
7:23 pm
access to the tunisian man. wendell is at the white house with new details. >> shep, republicans have been pushing for access to the suspect. but the agreement coincides with a meeting with officials at the state department. they will release their own review of the tragedy before the election. but the spokesperson said that's not going to happen. >> we said when it stood up that we expected their work would take somewhere between 60 and 65 days based on past precedence that takes us into d.c. from when they started. >> they released the time lines of events of the request for when help was denied. they said cia was delayed 25 minutes responding because the libyans didn't answer their request for heavy weapons.
7:24 pm
the team went without them but by theime they got to the fighting, u.s. ambassador chris stevens was missing and information officer sean smith was dead. a rescue team flown in from trip ollie was stuck at the benghazi airports for several hours and after it got to the annex, which was a cia facility, there was another attack and tyrone woods and glen dougherty were killed. both veterans and cia personnel. other evidence indicates there were security concerns in mid-august and other incidents that chased the british and the red cross from benghazi suggests there should have been concerns even earlier than that. >> live at the white house. thanks. the crisis in syria now, it continues and there's a you knew video in a shows what appears to be rebel fighters killing a group of captured soldiers, executing them. and some say they may have
7:25 pm
committed war crimes. one of the men call them dogs, referring to the president. we aren't showing the video, which is on youtube, it is very graphic. and the u.s. is said to promote a new and unified leadership for the syrian levels. analysts point out a lack of organization against the anti-government forces and the possibility that other terrorist groups may be undermining their efforts. >> we've seen the long lines for gasoline in areas hit hard by sandy, but now word one area may resort to fuel rationing. just like during world war ii and the gas crisis of the 1970s. morph that ahead and the storm could have an impact on voting. certain polling stations may be closed in several states, including a key and critical
7:26 pm
swing state. that's coming up. as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news as fox reports live tonight. you could also cut corners by making it without 100% real cheddar cheese. but wouldn't be stouffer's mac & cheese. just one of over 70 satisfying recipes for one from stouffer's.
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>> i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. governor of new jersey said about 75% of gas station in the northern part of his state, in other words, in the new york city area, are out of service. governor is urging people to head south. fuel has been in very short
7:30 pm
supply since the monster storm hit the region. drivers hoping to fill up had to contend with long lines again today. now some officials have a plan to ration gas until things get back to normal. we are about 14 miles outside manhattan. rick, it's my understanding the lines are so long and yet moments ago they ran out of gas? >> yeah, because they were selling it as fast as they would pump it. we were at a number of gas station that is had hundreds of cars lined up, including this one. it stretched as far as we could see, more than a mile down the road. but every one ever those stations ran out of fuel at some point and now you can see there's police stationed here and the station is closed and they are going to wait for another shipment that may come sometime tomorrow night. as a manager i know you had police here today. yesterday you had some issues with people getting upset, right? >> there were i think three confront stations yesterday but we settled everything down. >> it was very calm today. and another bit of good news, the military is planning to
7:31 pm
bring in 24 million gallons of fuel, 12 million gasoline and 12 millions gallons of disease he - diesel. i know frustrations have to be high. >> it is. and not just people waiting in cars, waiting several hours, but people carrying cans that were waiting in line. and they had to stand there. and it's cold out here, and for hours at a time to fill up their cans and walk off. you know, what's really quite remarkable there wasn't more trouble. we heard one report of someone pulling a gun after someone got mad at them for cutting in a line, that was in queens, new york. we saw a police presence at all the gas stations open, either troopers or local police because of the concerns that there might be fist fights. as you her from the manager, there have been some here before, or worse. so the police maintain a presence, but right now there's no fuel to be sold.
7:32 pm
>> rick is live in new jersey ton. down the shore? atlantic city, the slots are spinning again. some casinos open for the first time since the storm approached last thursday. chris christie gave the order this morning to allow some to open their doors. but it's not clear when all will be able to reopen. hurricane irene also forced them to close last year. here's another look at the wintry condition necessary west virginia. man, reportedly showing them buried with snow and downed trees. downed trees have done a lot of damage to homes across the state. much of this house in union county, new jersey, reduced to a pile of rubble. and this shot from a viewer in northern delaware, giving us an idea how strong the winds were there. strong enough to wrap debris from buildings around power
7:33 pm
poles. >> and the power outages and storm damage could make it a lot harder for people to get to the polls on election day. in virginia, the last day for in-person early voting is tomorrow in a state where thousands of customers still don't have electricity. the latest poll shows the race there could go down to the wire. and doug is in beesburg by washington d.c. >> it shows gov. romney by the slimmest are margins, one-half of one percentage point. both campaigns trying to read the tea leaves to see which way this swing state will swing. and one hint comes in a pretty sheet that was compiled by the cook political report which compares absentee voting this year to absentee voting from four years ago. it finds turnout is down 13.69% in counties that obama carried
7:34 pm
in 2008 and it's also down in counties mccain carried in 2008 but only marginally. 1.12%. in real obama strong olds such as fairfax county, arlington county, where a lot of government workers live and work and a lot of consultants and people associated the government, it's down significantly n fairfax county down to 20.91%, arlington 19.98% and here in loudden county, .12%. this favors gov. romney. whether that translates into turnout on election day, no one can predict. it remains to be seen wench will know soon enough. thanks. some brave electrical workers are learning to charge their bodies to half a million votes to do their jobs better. sounds crazy but it's coming up on a fox trip across america.
7:35 pm
>> california, a small crew outside san diego training in a method called barehanding. >> they are learning to energize themselves at the same voltage so they can work on the lines. >> they swear special suits that spread the voltage around their bodies. they say it's safe and allows workers to repair lines more. in tennessee a road collapsed," the rubble crushing cars parked nearby. city officials said the building had been empty for years and it's contractor said he couldn't afford to maintain it. nobody hurt. south carolina. police say somebody stole an s.u.v., crashed it through the front of a north charleston pawnshop and made off with a small arsenal. the storeowner said at least nine guns are missing from display cases. cops still look for the driver of that stolen vehicle.
7:36 pm
washington. heavy rains west of seattle have caused flooding, mudslides and power outages, but at least one dog with an apparent taste for fish seems happy about it when a river overflowed and the fish started swimming across the highway, the pup took advantage. that's a fox watch. >> fox across america is brought to you by union pacific. >> millions of people in florida have already cast their ballots through early voting, but now the u.s. department of justice has -- i should say the justice department has stepped in to monitor the situation in south florida after word of long lines and other problems. we have a live report on that. plus a couple of auto companies that missed. they overstated gas mileage on around a million cars. so what now? they have agreed to pay. the details coming up. om libert.
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>> a classified state department document reveals security was so bad at benghazi, rib libya, officials were talking about suspending operations. it was less than a month that killed the ambassador and three other americans. katheryn has been on the story from the beginning. she's in d.c. tonight. you've seen this document, right? >> i have, shepard. i reviewed the secret cable that reads hike a cry for help. it told washington the consulate could not be defended and al-qaeda and militias were everywhere. they said the daily pattern of violence would be the new normal for the foreseeable future, particularly given the minimal capabilities of the libyan security forces. with no idea that the conditions on the ground would improve, they notified hillary clinton that they were updating the consulate's trip wires to including a suspension of operation sections. that means putting the consulate
7:41 pm
on hold, at least temporarily, but they said it would continue to detear democrat as the islamists cemented their hold in benghazi. the classified cable shows the consulate staff and ci leadership in benghazi agreed to work hand in glove, which collision reviewing emergency action plans. the cable reads mission personnel could collate to the annex at the cia outpost it the security environment degraded suddenly. there was an agreement to formal weekly meet to go discuss the security environment. in the longer term we believe formal location with the annex will greatly improve our security situation. moving the consulate operations to the ci operations might not have ultimately saved the lives of the four americans, including ambassador chris stevens. the annex came under fire in the second wave of attacks and it was where the two former navy
7:42 pm
seals died defending their colleagues there. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> early voting set to wrap up tomorrow notice crucial battleground state of florida." but the lines are so long some are asking for an extension. the florida league of women's votes say the wait could discourage people from voting at all. the florida's governor said he's not budging. phil is in florida are. it is my understanding the governor is also calling for an extension? >> the early voting line here in miami, dade county, just to showcase one location, has been three and a half hours long all day long today. the line still sits here, three and a half hours to the end of the line, around the corner of the building and all the way to casting your ballots. nearly four hours just to cast your ballot. after 2008, after seeing just as long lines and waits, then the governor extended early voting.
7:43 pm
but now he supports obama and early voting favors democrats in florida. here are the numbers so far. 1.6 voted early, 37% registered republicans. 47% of them registered democrats. however, republicans do have the edge with mailed-in absentee ballots. out of 1.8 million received so far, 44% came from republican households, 39% from democrats. despite these lines, these pleas and the supervisors, monroe county asking for extensions, governor rick cot, republican, said early voting will end 7:00 tomorrow night, no extension. >> monroe county, the southern tip in the keys. do we know yet how many people have voted early? >> today, and this is through last night, 25%. one out of four all registered florida voters. so far 3.5 million have already cast their ballots. that's out of 11.8 million
7:44 pm
voters. but with the turnout during presidential elections, this means by tuesday, election day, about half of of all florida voters will have already voted. >> we are very pleased with the turnout in early voting so far. for each day open we have had record-setting numbers. >> and on tuesday night in florida, of course, the most coveted of all the swing states with 29 electoral votes, you will see lines like. this if you are in place in line by 7:00 p.m. tuesday night you can cast your ballot, just like this senior seen here. so tuesday night do expect to see floridians still voting well of seven. >> phil, thanks. federal regulators have busted two south koreaian auto makers for overstating the gas mileage on their vehicle.
7:45 pm
it vols 14 hyundai and kia automobiles. window stickers exaggerate the fuel mileage by up to six miles a gallon. the auto makers have apologized and they promised to pay the owners of those vehicles for the difference in mileage. motor shells flying where the crossfire has been catching civilians since april and that tops our news around the world in 80 seconds. democratic republic of gongo. united nations forces teaming up with government troops to fight off rebel attacks. the rebels have been targeting innocent people. an advisor to the president blames neighboring uganda and rwanda for arming the rebels. in brazil, they actually
7:46 pm
found a drug tunnel that leads into a mainly university. the 50-foot tunnel starts under the house of a major drug trafficker and ends up a few feet from that school. cops say dealers would sell drugs to students through a hole in the wall. mexico. folks across the country of ctlebrating the day of the dead with a series of ancient rituals. one myan tradition involves cleaning the bones of dead relatives before reburying them. others include decorating graves and dressing in costumes. india. houses of fans gathered to watch annual series of boat race necessary a southern shate. the races feature so-called snake votes, which folks typically spend about two years building. that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> around the world is brought to you by verizon 4g.
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the fastest network. >> professional hockey's signature's new year's eve event is now on ice. they canceled the winter classic. the detroit red wings and the toronto maple leafs were to play the outdoor game in michigan. instead it's the latest casualty of the ongoing dispute between the league and the labor union. they plan to hold the classic at ann arbor and whoever bought the tickets can use them for future events or get refunds. no word on whether fans will get to see any action this season. the league has cancelled all the games in the nll through the end of the month. whether anybody has noticed is another question. the feds say they will put more americans back to work by tackling the threat of terrorism. and why reporters say one big project could solve two huge projects. based on this chart ? don't rush into it, i'm not looking for the fastest answer.
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>> the coast guard is investigating the sinking of a famous tall ship that matched during hurricane sandy. one crewmember died and the captain still missing after the bounty went missing off the coast of north carolina. the coast guard rescued the rest of the people on board. they focus on whether equipment or personnel contributed to the crewmember's death. it was built for the marlon brando classic mutiny on the bounty. tonight it's no more. it will create hundreds of jobs and help protect americans from disease and bioterror attacks. what's what supporters are saying about a facility in texas that is already putting people to work r will it be? >> it's partially unand running at texas a&m university. then two others at
7:52 pm
pharmaceutical companies in maryland and north carol. the hubs have been tasked by the federal government to invent drugs for treating pandemics. they turned them out quickly. following the flu outbreak, it became clear the threats are not going away. >> the fact we are in close contact, we are exploring areas of the world we haven't been to, new infectious diseases will continue to emerge and do so more rapidly. >> it includes a nearly $175 million grant from the federal government and plus another $109 million from investments from commercial and academic sponsorship. >> just how many jobs is this create? >> quite a few. in texas alone, roughly 75 have already been added and over the course of the next several months we are told 100 more will be put on line.
7:53 pm
and long-term, within the next five years, some 1,000 people will be hired for things like pharmaceutical research in manufacturing, scientists and quality assurance personnel. typically jobs of that been sent overseas and outsourced in recent years, shepard. >> casey is live in dallas tonight. thanks. a lottery jackpot worth more than 20 million bucks and nobody claimed it. for months and months on end. when the winner finally stepped forward, she was almost too late. she almost missed out on 20 million bucks. d also cut cors by making it without 100% real cheddar cheese. but wouldn't be stouffer's mac & cheese. just one of over 70 satisfying recipes for one from stouffer's. actually... th way i could split my payments up into little bite-size chunks. i mean you feel me right?
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visit to learn your risk. >> a woman in california has now claimed a $20 million lotto jackpot and she did it just in time. it was going to expire the end of this month. but lotto officials released this picture of the woman buying the ticket five months ago. she was buying it for her mother. when she spotted the
7:57 pm
surveillance ticket she sent it tomer mom to say, hey, hey, but that didn't go well. >> i thought she robbed a bank. >> she didn't rob any banks, but she is a lot richer. as for why it took so long to claim the prize, the mother said she simply forgot to check the winning numbers. a couple in utah took the plunge and got married skydiving. after a pair of "i dos" and a kiss, the entire wedding party jumped out of a plane. the family said they were not surprised because they like adventure sports such as scuba diving. so a free fall dive seemed to fit. happy trails, it's all up hill from here. not looking good on marchs. the mars. the mars rover didn't detect
7:58 pm
methane gas. back in '03 telescopes said mars was spitting out tons of gas. the recover will keep searching. if it does find methane, it could mean mars was once home to microscopic life forms. >> the labor department reports that u.s. added 171,000 jobs last month. at the same time unemployment ticked up a fraction to 7.9%. power is back for thousands in lower manhattan, but much of the area dark and the skyline look weird. the mayor said most the power will be back on sometime tomorrow. and the mayor reversed course and cancelled the new york marathon. on this day in 1948 the democratic president harry s. truman defeated thomas dewey in an upset are the ages. he took office after fdr died and some reporters saw him as a
7:59 pm
shadow of his fourth term predecessor. thomas dewey appeared to be a lock, but in the homestretch president truman's whistle stop campaign proved the difference. when they counted all the votes, the chicago tribune proclaimed dewey defeats truman, but in fact truman defeats dewey, 64 years ago today. and now you know the news. thank to the men and women who somehow get to work here every day. we don't talk about it because we around the news. but of this staff more than two-thirds were directly affected by the storm. some had water in their homes, some families road it out in the attic a top a door and some endured brutal three or four hour commutes and some left the kids behind and haven't seen them since. but they have all been here and i appreciate them

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